The fishing pole holder is an often overlooked invaluable tool that can add to the success and enjoyment of fishing in a boat. When used in conjunction with trolling, these are essential tools for the precise placement of fishing rods and lures. This allows anglers to approach completely hands-free, not only that, but BoatOutfitters Fishing Pole Holders is also very useful when it's time to relax with sandwiches and sodas under the warm summer sun.

Why do you need a fishing pole holder?

The fishing pole holder is an essential part of any fishing boat setup, and with good reason. The most obvious use is trolling. Using a fishing pole holder allows anglers to pay more attention to the electronics and operation of the boat without the hassle of holding a fishing rod manually. 

This device will also keep you alert and fatigue-free, which is a common symptom for those unlucky enough to spin around with a wand in the palm of their hand for hours upon hours. Another use of the pole holder is during live bait fishing, especially with buoyancy, and when using more than one fishing rod. They can be a huge help in keeping your fishing rods organized and tangle-free. 

Is the material important?

BoatOutfitters Fishing Pole Holders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. You can use a variety of materials to produce units. The four most common ingredients are steel, aluminium, copolymer and polypropylene.

For saltwater fishing, you will need a rod holder that is corrosion-resistant. Aluminium is the lightest. The strength attribute was very similar between the two. Make both a respectable option when you decide. The non-metallic material used has high toughness and breakage resistance. However, there are some weaknesses in strength compared to other metals.

Aluminium and steel will be at the high end in terms of price. The non-metallic part will decrease in size further. Don't let the price difference fool you - more expensive doesn't always mean a superior product. The price increase is partly due to the complexity of the units and the higher cost of raw materials.

Right fit of fishing pole holder

The fishing pole holder is designed with specifics in mind. Therefore, anglers should question what applications and tools will be a perfect match. First, you need to decide what style of pulley and rod you will use. Some holders are specifically designed for spinning or casting reels, while others can support both. 

Make sure the design you choose provides easy access to the fishing rod. During the first hit, you need to quickly and easily pull the rod out of its holder to fish. The locking feature is a nice improvement that can stop your rod from being pulled overboard. For those fishing in choppy water or chasing "big" fish, check out this feature for added safety and peace of mind. The last thing for those looking for a fishing pole holder is the padding. This will ensure that your sticks remain intact when riding in the mount.